About California QiLi’s Braised Chicken

Ever try Chinese chicken?

How about Chinese braised chicken?image-33

You’ll find the difference in taste to be outstanding and completely amazing. That’s because Chinese braised chicken uses a special technique that’s over a hundred years old. Originating from Shandong, China, braised meat and poultry became very popular all around the country.

Our company, one of the firsts to bring this unique taste to America, was founded in Fremont, California by a Shandong immigrants who has spent their entire lives perfecting the original braised chicken recipe. All of our meat and poultry is USDA approved and certified and we use all American products to create a perfect Chinese taste. Our name “QiLi” is a combination of the founders names; “Qi” and “Li”. Thriving on excellence, we have been serving our top quality braised products to all of California since 2009.